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A century after his death, Mark Twain is still leaving tracks in Switzerland. Both a nature trail and a city tour are dedicated to the American author.

Twain visited Lucerne twice. The first time was in 1878, while gathering material for his satirical European travelogue, A Tramp Abroad. As part of his research, he and a colleague lingered in the city of Lucerne and scaled nearby Mount Rigi.

In July 1897, Twain returned to Switzerland with his family. In financial difficulties and mourning the death of a daughter, they were looking for a quiet place to regroup.

They settled in the lakeside village of Weggis and stayed there for about ten weeks. It was far quieter and cheaper than London, where they had landed after Twain’s world lecture tour.

“I believe that this place [Weggis] is the loveliest in the world, and the most satisfactory. The scenery is beyond comparison beautiful… Sunday in heaven is noisy compared to this quietness,” wrote Twain in a letter that summer.


The family lived in a simple guest house optimistically named Schlössli (“little castle”); meanwhile, Twain also rented a small room in Villa Tannen to use as a study. The writer, whose real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens, was working on his book Following the Equator.

While in Weggis, Twain and his wife Olivia marked the sad anniversary of their daughter Susan’s death. Just 24, she had succumbed to spinal meningitis in the family’s Connecticut home, leaving behind her parents and two sisters.

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