weekend for disabled people

and wheelchair users

Weekends can be booked from the Basel / Mulhouse or Zurich Airport.
or as individual trips from each city as desired




Family 4-6 pers.

NR.31   culture weekend

from Bern to Lucerne through the Emmental and Entlebuch.Typical for Emmental are the farmhouses with the deep roofs amid hilly landscap.
The cows grazing on lush green pastures provide the milk for the famous Emmental cheese with the large holes. On your onward journey Entlebuch you will cross the first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Switzerland. .
Bern is the seat of Switzerland's government. The doors to the Houses of Parliament are open to visitors most of the time, and if you're lucky you might even bump into a member of parliament in the streets of the city.

Price from: CHF 620.-

incl. for 1Persons

  • airport transporation
  • 2 day culture tour
  • accommodation 1 night 
  • 1 dinner with the nurse
  • 2 city tours Bern & Luzern
  • degustation of The Kambly experience of pastry arts

Nr.32 mountain & lakes

Central Switzerland

Historic sites and enchanting countryside abound, from the monument to William Tell to commanding mountain peaks, from cities to remote Alpine valleys, from baroque monasteries to deserted canyons. Surfers brave wind and waves, lake steamers leave majestic wakes, colourful paragliders dot the sky. Mountain trains and suspended cable cars mount the peaks. This is Central Switzerland, the Switzerland of freedom and holidays.A steamer cruise across the convolute lake of Lucerne on a sun-filled summer’s day is without doubt a wonderful experience.

Price from: CHF 890.-

incl. for 2 persons

  • airport transporation by train or car
  • 1  lake boat tour 2 - 4 h
  • accommodation 1 night 
  • 1  mountaintrain ride
  • 1 citytour 2h  Luzern
  • 1 cablecar ride

Nr.33 city&art Weekend

Zürich to Zug

Enjoy the pretty old town, the trendy new Zurich-West district and the glorious lake. With opera, ballet, theater premieres, shows, musicals, art exhibitions in over 50 museums and 100 galleries, time never drags in Zurich. The famous Bahnhofstrasse and the Limmatquai are a shopper's paradise. Over 1,700 restaurants and bars serve both traditional Zurich and Swiss dishes as well as exotic specialties. The evenings will leave you spoilt for choice: indoors or outdoors, anything is possible as far as the nightlife in Zurich goes.

Price from: CHF 760.-

incl. for 3 persons

  • airport transporation by train or car
  • 1  lake boat tour 2 - 4 h
  • accommodation 1 night in a youthhostel 4 bedroom with bathroom
  • 1  mountaintrain ride
  • 1 citytour 2h  zürich
  • 1 dinner in the hostle for 3

Nr.34  alpes weekend


has every colour: Red for the Rhätische Bahn railway, yellow for the postal buses, blue for its 615 lakes and the skies above 150 valleys, green for forests and pastures, golden brown for larch trees in autumn, grey for castles and rocks, and white for snow and ice.

In Madrisa Land is the first tree huts experience of Switzerland, which is also accessible to people with physical disabilities. There are a total of 3 tree huts with 4-6 beds and 1 suite available, all of which are connected by bridges.

Price from: CHF 1060.-

incl. for 4 Persons

  • airport transporation
  • promising alpine pass tour
  • accommodation 1 night 
  • 1 dinner for 4 persons
  • stay in the largest children park of the alps
  • children's hats duty if the parents want to hike

Nurse-GUIDE PRICE:  CHF  300 / 8 hours   and each additional CHF 50.-

  • 2 days nurse care help , all what you need thouring the day ,

 For wheelchair users, or if you need help for incontinence the price is CHF 400.- for 8 hours and each additional CHF 50.-

  • as certified nursing professional woman I have over 20 years of experience in support of persons with special needs to travel around the world.
  • this special trips are all accessible.
  • differnt cars with ramps to rent are possible.also all what you needs for your care. On request also a height-adjustable bed is delivered to the hotel.
  • All auxiliary measures can be carried out. Portable oxygen bottles are also possible.
  • Care during a stay in a clinic or make then a few weeks relaxing holiday in the mountains.
  • so it is possible that families with grandparents can experience Switzerland, while our service protects the disabled person in the hotel or restaurants on the road.
for wheelchair users are our selected mountain railways accessible
for wheelchair users are our selected mountain railways accessible
customized car hire -also with ramps
customized car hire -also with ramps

 revitalization in the mountains
revitalization in the mountains
also for the disabled, we find activities in nature
also for the disabled, we find activities in nature