more than just mountains

Not only the mountains are beautiful in Switzerland. Swiss cities, too, offer all you could want for a relaxing and varied couple of days -- and nights. Historic sights, cutting-edge contemporary architecture, cosy cafes, buzzing nightlife, shopping in romantic alleyways, a rich and varied cultural life... And all so compact, that you can easily reach everything on foot.

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland the journey is the goal. This route will lead you 1000 miles through four language regions, over five Alpine passes, to eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as two biospheres and along 22 lakes. This tour provides a concentrated insight into Switzerland, with exquisite scenic views and cultural jewels.

In this episode, we'll focus on the often-overlooked cities of Switzerland — Luzern, Bern, Zurich, and Lausanne — enjoy the country's urban charms, get some exercise, enjoy eye-opening art, and ponder a few Swiss innovations, all before a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

Switzerland is known as a country of water, which is hardly surprising with over 7,000 lakes, waterfalls and rivers. And now it's time to smarten them up for all the tourists who are looking to spend their summer in Switzerland. They are all perfectly accessible on foot -- in Switzerland you are never far away from a body of water.